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CAP - Fengur: Fisheries research II 1987-1989

Recipient Cape Verde
Sector - DAC Fishery development - 31320

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Partners INDP
Thereof Implementing Agent Government of Cape Verde and ICEIDA
Project Title: CAP - Fengur: Fisheries research II 1987-1989
Short Description:

Experimental fishing. Independent fisheries research and the establishment of an indigenous knowledge base of the nation´s marine resources and their sustainable yield.

Long Description

The project was a continuation of the fisheries research undertaken by scientists and crew of M.S. Fengur. When the vessel left Cabo Verde in ‘89 the need for a new fisheries research vessel was soon realized. Scientists could not continue the stock assessment previously undertaken by M.S. Fengur and environmental research was altogether impossible.

The fundamental objective was to assist the Institute for The Development of Fisheries (INDP) in conducting and supervising fisheries research in Cabo Verde independently and to establish an indigenous Cape Verdean knowledge of the nation's marine resources and their sustainable yield. The fundamental or long term objectives were to assist INDP: in creating conditions for the Cape Verdean Fisheries sector to increase its production; to establish the necessary knowledge for fisheries management by research of the marine resources in their area; to continue experimental fishing previously undertaken and exploitations of new marine resources.

The objective of ICEIDA's assistance was oriented towards the demersal fisheries resources and increased production in demersal fish catches. According to previous experience of ICEIDA projects it was possible to increase production to some extent, reintroduce active demersal fishing and to continue the experimental fishing.


Commitment Year 1987
Final Year 1989

Cross-cutting issues

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Environment Sustainable use of marine resources


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CAP - Evaluation-of-the-ICEIDA-Fisheries-project-in-Cape-Verde,-1989


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