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CAP - Fengur: Fisheries research I 1984-1986

Recipient Cape Verde
Sector - DAC Fishery development - 31320

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Partners INIP
Thereof Implementing Agent Government of Cape Verde and ICEIDA
Project Title: CAP - Fengur: Fisheries research I 1984-1986
Short Description:

Building and equipping of the Reseach Vessel Fengur. Experimental fishing. Independent fisheries research and the establishment of an indigenous knowledge base of the nation´s marine resources and their sustainable yield.

Long Description

A new stage in the cooperation between ICEIDA and Cape Verde began in mid 1984 when Icelandic Development Agency's vessel, the M/S Fengur, arrived in Cabo Verde. With reference to the agreement between the Government of Cape Verde and the Government of Iceland of the 27th November 1981 on technical cooperation in the field of fisheries development the executive agencies of the respective Governments , i.e. Interbase E.P. and ICEIDA, the following was agreed on: Project Document and Plan for 1984. In accordance with the agreement the main objectives of the activities determined the fisheries possibilities off the coast of Cape Verde, including all territorial waters, and to make possible the most effective and rational exploitation of such possibilities in the interest of the Cape Verde population. The main objectives were to increase the catch of fish for exportation by:

 a) Increasing the tuna fish catch by extending the tuna fishing season and improving the effectiveness of tuna fishing effort, i.e. through effective methods of obtaining bait fish;

 b) Identification of new species for exportation. Determine the distribution and abundance of species.

 c) Moreover, the objective was to: develop research facilities in Mindelo and training of local staff in fisheries biological working methods, and last but not least, training Cape Verdean fishermen in new fishing methods and handling of gear.

 The working methods employed in ICEIDA's fisheries project in Cabo Verde were based on an agreement between the Governments of two countries, the Plan of Operation for each year and the fundamental view of ICEIDA as specified in laws relating to the Agency and the articles of the board.


Commitment Year 1984
Final Year 1986

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Environment Sustainable use of marine resources


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CAP - Evaluation-of-the-ICEIDA-Fisheries-project-in-Cape-Verde,-1989


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