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CAP - Bjartur: Experimental fishing 1980-1982

Recipient Cape Verde
Sector - DAC Fishery development - 31320

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Partners Ministry of Fisheries
Thereof Implementing Agent ICEIDA and Government of Cape Verde
Project Title: CAP - Bjartur: Experimental fishing 1980-1982
Short Description:

Experimental fishing and technical assistance

Long Description

Cooperation between Iceland and Cabo Verde in the field of fisheries development began in 1980 with the arrival of the vessel Bjartur, built in 1965, with an Icelandic crew to Cape Verde. The crew was to train Cape Verdean fishermen. ICEIDA cooperated with the processing company Interbase and the fishing company Pescave. The objectives of the project were to build up knowledge about fish-stock in Cape Verde with research and mapping but also by fishing, processing and exporting demersal-fish and to help Cape Verdeans to explore their fishing possibilities around the islands, especially for export. Annually the parties made arrangements for activities to be carried out during each year. In Cape Verde ICEIDA-staff was in charge of daily management concerning the project in accordance with the plan of yearly operation and in cooperation with the local authorities.

After two years' experience ICEIDA-staff drew the conclusion that the fishing-boat Bjartur wasn't practical because of repetitive breakdowns, therefore it was decided to build the fishing-boat M/S Fengur and Bjartur was sent back to Iceland. 


Commitment Year 1980
Final Year 1982

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Environment Sustainable use of marine resources


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