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CAP - Basic Health Care in Mindelo and the island of Santiago 1992-1995

Recipient Cape Verde
Sector - DAC Basic health care - 12220

About the project

Partners Health Delegation on the island of Sao Vicente
Thereof Implementing Agent Government of Cape Verde and ICEIDA
Project Title: CAP - Basic Health Care in Mindelo and the island of Santiago 1992-1995
Short Description:

Construction and equipping of a health post in Mindelo. 

Resstoration of two health care posts on the island of Santiago

Long Description

Health post in Mindelo 1992-1995. The main objective was to build a health care post in the Fonte de Ines area in Mindelo. The main purpose of the health care post was to provide basic health care for the people of the area (app. 8.000). Emphasis was to be put on mother and child care, reduction in child mortality, prevention of deceases such as leprosy, AIDS and tuberculosis, treatment of the most common diseases such as diarrhea and acute respiratory diseases. Vaccinations were given and education in the prevention of diseases through better hygiene. Budget Total project cost $75.000 - ICEIDA Amount $50.000, Local Cost $ 25.000.

Restoration of two health care posts 1994-1995. The Cape Verdean government expressed a need for more help in the health care sector because of diarrheal diseases and other diseases such as malaria. ICEIDA decided to fund the restoration of two clinics in Praia and provided fish oil in addition to new and second hand equipment. Two clinics in Praia were restored in order to increase health care in Cape Verde and to give Cape Verdean people greater chance of medical assistance. ICEIDA funded the restoration of two clinics in Praia, sent new equipment to those clinics and the hospital in Praia. 


Commitment Year 1992
Final Year 1995

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