The Directorate for International Development Cooperation

Uganda7The Directorate for International Development Cooperation is responsible for the implementation of official Icelandic bilateral and multilateral development cooperation.  It follows the Icelandic government's Act on Development Cooperation No 121/2008, which is in keeping with the UN Millennium Development Goals and other international commitments, such as the Monterrey Consensus on Financing for Development and the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness.

The Directorate operates in three countries - Malawi, Mozambique and Uganda - in the areas of fisheries, education, energy, health, and water and sanitation. The Directorate's cooperation with its partner countries is based on the partner countries' Poverty Reduction Strategy Plans and ownership is emphasised. The Directorate's support mainly consists of strengthening infrastructure and the basic pillars of society, focusing on human capital, education and capacity building. In addition, the Directorate is the Lead Agency in the Geothermal  Exploration Project with joint co-financing of the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) in Eastern Africa.

The Directorate operates in line with the DAC Guidelines on development cooperation and its implementation. All of the Directorate's development cooperation is based on mutual international agreements between the government of Iceland and the governments of the partner countries.

Act on Icelandic ODA