The Icelandic International Development Agency seeks advisers


The Icelandic International Development Agency (ICEIDA) has launched an online registration page for consultants:  Individuals, advisory groups and organisations willing to make themselves available for specific projects related to the functions of the agency on a temporary and ad hoc basis.  The specialists in question should be able to provide consultancy on the following:

·       The preparation of development projects and project documents

·       Specific fields related to the management of development projects and programs

·       Evaluations and mid-term reviews of development programs..

Registration through the agency's online registration page involves no obligation on either side, signifying only a declaration of intent as regards the future cooperation between customer and contractor.  The purpose being to ensure that ICEIDA has easy access to a list of qualified specialists with a view to recruitment for short-term consultancies  in a transparent process.  

Qualification requirements include a post-graduate degree in subjects related to the specialities identified below.  Experience of development projects in these fields is highly desirable as well as knowledge of developing countries and related work experience in developing countries.

Specialists are being sought in the following areas:

·            Development cooperation with public service as a specific field

·            Public health as a specific field

·            Public service with education as a specific field

·            Fisheries and fish processing, including capacity building

·            Gender equality issues

·            Development cooperation specialising in the use of natural resources

·            Geothermal and energy issues

·            Water and sanitation issues

·            Environmental issues

·            Law

·            Financial management

·            Procurement and tenders


Please register electronically on .  

Background information:

The Icelandic International Development Agency (ICEIDA) is responsible for Iceland's bilateral development cooperation.  ICEIDA operates in Uganda, Malawi and Mozambique and runs one regional geo thermal program in Africa. 

ICEIDA seeks consultancy for its programs in a transparent manner based on rules by The Icelandic National Audit Office.  The purpose is the hiring of qualified consultants in a transparent manner.

The web-based registration is for interested parties to express willingness to be considered for consultation.  ICEIDA will inform qualified parties of opportunities on a need basis.

Selection is based on qualifications and price quotes of applicants according to  predetermined criteria of ICEIDA.

ICEIDA reserves the right to accept the best bid or reject all if none is deemed acceptable.