Regional Project for Geothermal Exploration in Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo - Expression of Interest


In the framework of regional cooperation, the European Union is actively supporting the development of energy sector of the Great Lakes region, with EGL ( CEPGL's Great Lakes Energy Agency (Energie des Grands Lacs - EGL)  being one of the implementing agencies for the currently ongoing European Development Fund (EDF) Financing Agreement "Programme de relance de la CEPGL". Under this programme, funding has been earmarked for studies of the geothermal resources of Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, for the pursuing of which, a partnership has been established between ICEIDA and the European Union Delegation in Rwanda.

Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, are characterized by high levels of poverty which have been heightened by the different conflicts that have taken place in the region since the 1990s. The consequences have been an exacerbation of political, economic and social problems, making their economies increasingly vulnerable and reducing their investment as well as development capacities. 

Due to political and financial constraints in the region, the access to electricity and the annual electricity consumption per capita in the three CEPGL countries are extremely low. Therefore, all three countries have made the development of the Energy sector a strategic priority. They have stressed their intention to work closely together with their neighbor's, making use of common resources in order to benefit from the economic advantages of an interconnected regional electricity market. 

The geothermal areas to be investigated are located near the joint border between Burundi, Rwanda and the DRC. The sites to be investigated in Burundi and Rwanda have been defined, i.e. the Ruhwa site in Burundi, the Bugarama site in Rwanda. Two appropriate sites in the DRC have been identified; Nyangezi and Uvira/Kinanira/Kavimvira. 

Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR) will serve as a technical consultant to the funding agencies and the EGL in this project. 

The detailed Expression of Interest can be found here.