Annual Report 2009: Iceland's partner countries down by two in 2009


  • Arsskyrsla2009



ICEIDA´s Annual Report for the year 2009 has been published. It is published both in Icelandic and English and covers in detail ICEIDA´s activities in Iceland's partner countries in bilateral development cooperation.

Iceland's bilateral partner countries decreased by two in 2009, but due to reduction in the allocations to the Iceland Development Agency in 2009 and the depreciation of the Icelandic króna it was decided to discontinue development cooperation with Sri Lanka and Nicaragua. ICEIDA's country office in Colombo, also the Icelandic Embassy in Sri Lanka, was closed in July at which time all projects had been concluded and Iceland had fulfilled all its obligations vis-à-vis the government. ICEIDA's country office in Managua, also the embassy of Iceland in Nicaragua, was formally closed in August. However, Iceland will fulfil it's obligations to the government in Nicaragua on cooperation concerning geothermal utilisation until 2012, or when the contract period is completed.

ICEIDA's contribution to bilateral cooperation in 2009 amounted to 14.1 million US$ which is a decrease of 37% compared to the previous year. Iceland's total contribution towards ODA was 0.33% of GNI, ICEIDA´s portion of that amount was 41%.

Between 2008 and 2009 there were no significant changes in the division of expenditures by sector. About half of the total expenditure went towards education and fisheries, thereof 28% towards education and 20% towards fisheries.

The Annual Report is available at ICEIDA´s Head Office or in PDF form here.