Namibia: The drilling of the last seven boreholes for the Ovahimba completed


  • Tvær Himbakonur við vatnsból


The drilling of the last seven boreholes for the Ovahimba has been completed. The Ovahimba are nomads who live in the northern part of Namibia and they are receiving 33 water points from Icelanders before ICEIDA will leave the country after twenty years of cooperation. The water points will be handed over later this year. Gunnar Salvarsson, ICIEDA´s PR Manager went with Davíð Bjarnason Project Manager in Namibia to a meeting with the Ovahimba and met with Kanjokatungu Tjiumbua, who is the acting chairman of the waterpoint-committee in Etara.

“The water points have changed a lot for us,” she says in the language of the Ovahimba which is called otjihimba. “Before, we women had to walk long distances for water, and the men had to go far with the herds for water. Therefore we are very grateful for the water point.”

She says that clean water also changed a lot in regards to people's health, especially among children. “Before, we had to drink surface water during the rainy season but now we can fetch clean water at the water point and that changes a lot,” she says and adds that she goes three times a day to fetch water, morning, midday and in the afternoon.

Cashiers have been appointed at the water points and Kanjokatunga Tjimbua says that the ones who are able pay. She says that the cashier stores the money but the plan is to open an account for the water-toll.


More information on the project can be found in ICEIDA´s Project Database and on a website on the project.