Infinite Opportunities to Utilise our Knowledge for World Progress




“Iceland is surely one of the leading nations in regards to knowledge on utilising renewable energy resources - especially geothermal heat. However, it's in line with the arrogance of chauvinism, which brought on our collapse, to believe that we stand in front of other nations. Surely our knowledge and experience is extensive, but other nations, such as Japan, USA, New Zealand and Italy also possess great knowledge. Our opportunity to utilise our knowledge for world progress are infinite,” says Sighvatur Björgvinsson Director General of ICEIDA.

A new report – Energy for a Sustainable Future – was published by the United Nations recently. On the occasion, Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General, said that a “clean energy revolution” is imperative for rich countries as well as poor, in order to reduce global warming. According to the report, 1.6 billion people have no access to electricity. Sighvatur was asked how he envisages Iceland's part in this green revolution.

Sighvatur says that it's most normal for ICEIDA to choose geothermal heat as its newest sector for its projects. “Experimental drilling and power plants are expensive and far from ICEIDA´s financial capacity to finance – anyhow, construction work like that is not a matter for donors, but a task for investors. However, ICEIDA can easily intermediate the dissemination and build-up of knowledge through Icelandic specialists. The agency can, and has, assisted governments in developing countries, which possess geothermal resources, in basic research, building research facilities and training staff, both with on-site training and sponsoring students at the UNU-GTP,” he says. 

Sighvatur mentions that in just a few years, there has been a global transformation in attitude as regards to geothermal utilisation and other clean energy resources. He says that just a few years ago there was barely any interest in the subject, excluding a few countries. The world has woken up, in a lively way. “Clean energy and the importance of its utilisation is very prominent in the Global society today. Thereby Iceland stands with other nations at the level of a new century – the century of green environmental values,” says Sighvatur.