AidData – New Site with Information on Development Finance



A new site with information on development finance has been opened:

According to AidData, the site “attempts to capture the universe of development finance and foreign aid, increase the value of data by providing more descriptive information about development activities, provide data in an accessible format, and strengthen efforts to improve donor and recipient strategic planning and coordination.”

The project is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, Richard and Judy Finch, and the National Science Foundation. It is a partnership of the College of William and Mary and Brigham Young University and is a merger of PLAID and the Development Gateway's Accessible Information on Development Activities (AiDA).

AidData is supposed to be easy-to-use, comprehensive and timely with regards to the universe of development finance. It aims at giving project-by-project information, including all grants and loans committed by all major bilateral and multilateral aid donors. Currently AidData has collected information from emerging and non-DAC donors, a total of 20 new donors, supplementing the DAC-CRS. Additionally, information from 15 multilateral institutions has been collected and is available on the site.  

AidData has information on all ICEIDA projects. In addition to that, ICEIDA has opened its own database on its home page where detailed information can be found for all of the agency's projects from the start. The database is still being developed, so all comments are welcomed at