Uganda: “An opportunity to change peoples´ lives”

-says Drífa Hrönn Kristjánsdóttir, ICEIDA´s Project Manager in Ssese Islands




“People who work within the development sector have the opportunity to be a part of improving changing peoples´ living standards and that is both an appealing concept and an amazing experience. Through your job you are able to see changes in peoples´ lives and it´s an incredibly good feeling to be a part of greater quality of life,” says Drífa Hrönn Kristjánsdóttir who is the project manager for ICEIDA´s largest project until now, the support to Kalangala District Development Plan in the islands in Lake Victoria in Uganda. The Project started in 2006 and will end in 2015.

It is often said that development cooperation is like long distance running and that it takes time to see real results. Since the support to KDDP is approximately half-finished, Drífa is asked about results.

“The project here in Kalangala is long-term and we knew that we had to wait longer to see changes than we had to do in the Functional Adult Literacy project, which was the predecessor of KDDP. As for FALP, results can be seen as soon as the first class graduates. People have learned new skills and knowledge. For KDDP, we are seeing results now, on the project's fourth year, and especially in relation to the education sector. We are seeing more children coming to school, they get better resources, higher grades and drop-out rates have gone down. We have also promoted art education and sports, but through sports the children have had the opportunity, often for the first time, to travel around Uganda. I believe that these children's experience will bring a lot back to the communities here in Kalangala, that is, people with good education settling down in the district. I will not deny the fact that I am extremely happy about being a part of this enjoyable experience!” she says.
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