Uganda: "We are doing a great job concerning development in Uganda,” says Leah Sepuya Office Coordinator in Kampala



“For the few months I have been with ICEIDA, I have noticed that this is a development arm that is so much focused on results and accountability. With a dedicated team that goes an extra mile to achieve grass root results from the remotest areas of the country,” says Leah Sepuya Office Coordinator at ICEIDA´s country office in Kampala, but she took over the job late last year. "I think we are doing a great job concerning development in Uganda,” she says.

“I think Uganda has lots of space to grow. Unfortunately, there are so many factors that halt this,” says Leah. “There is lots of corruption, unemployment, and  the education system is not very hands on. A lot of theory is taught in schools but is never put into practice. There is a lot of poor spending and un necessary borrowing by the government, for instance a lot of money was borrowed to accomodate the CHOGM, but it's accountability is very saddening. Lots of funding is spent on inquiries into different cases but unfortunately, reports are late in coming and the culprits are rarely brought to book. Lack of investment sustainability cannot also go un noticed. Lots of businesses spring up in a short time but close down faster than they opened up due to various factors. Despite all this however, there are a number of sectors that are showing continuos improvement like health and Education, thanks to the development arms,” she says.

Before working for ICEIDA, Leah worked for Life Belt Aid Uganda, USAID and the University Research Company, which is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She has a BA degree in administration from Kyambogo University and aims to enroll for an executive MBA before the end of the year.