Uganda: Local project officers increasingly employed




Local project officers have increasingly been employed at ICEIDA in Uganda. Only one Icelandic project manager, Geir Oddsson, works at ICEIDA´s country office in Kampala, but Drífa H. Kristjánsdóttir is the project manager in ICEIDA´s support to the Kalangala District Development Programme. Both Drífa and Geir tend to supervision and follow-up rather than implementation.

“This change is in accordance with the transition that donors have increasingly been changing their approach and going from implementing the projects themselves through direct project support with their own management and implementation, to providing budget support, sector support or using programme based approach. When doing so they use local systems for allocating and supervising the funds. This means that the role of posted personnel of donors will become first and foremost supervising implementation and results. The change we have had at ICEIDA in Uganda brings us closer to meet our commitments in relation to the Paris Declaration and the Accra Agenda for Action on alignment, harmonisation, lowering cost and success,” says Geir. “We had a chance to change the scenario here in Uganda last year. Two Icelandic project managers finished their contracts and I was hired for this new part, after closing down our country office in Nicaragua last summer” says Geir.

Geir supervises projects in the fields of fisheries, adult education and entrepreneurship training but the local employers are James Sekatawa, project manager for the Quality Assurance for Fish Marketing Project, Maria Goreth Nandago, senior project officer and Lilian Asaba, project officer of the adult education projects. In Kalangala the project officers are three; Pius Ichariat, senior project officer, Ben Twikirize, project officer and James Kayizzi, project officer. Samuel Lutwarma, advising engineer is in charge of supervising construction work, both within the KDDP and the QAFMP.