Uganda: a good example of effective cooperation according to locals



ICEIDA´s support to Uganda’s Functional Adult Literacy Programme in the island districts on Lake Victoria was mentioned as an example of effective cooperation on a yearly convention on community development in Uganda held in November. According to Geir Oddsson, ICEIDA´s Project Manager in Kampala, Ugandan government is changing their emphasis in adult education, putting increased emphasis on integrating the education to the various sectors of the community.

Geir says that until now, most emphasis has been on increasing adult literacy through conventional adult education to give people the opportunity to become active participants in the community. “During the conference it became clear that in the communities which offer FALP (Functional Adult Literacy Programme), which is based functional adult education, the participants are noticeably more active within local governments, various organisations and job creating activities than those who do not participate in FALP.”

The government of Uganda is revising its policy and action plan on adult education and ICEIDA is supporting that work according to Geir, both with finance and expertise. “Our experts, Maria Nandango and Lilian Asaba, participate in a working group within the ministry of gender, employment and social development, but Maria recently studied FALP in the fishing communities on Lake Victoria, where she describes what can be called sector specific approach in adult education in Uganda,” says Geir.  

ICEIDA´s support to adult education projects in Mukono district is finishing at the end of 2009 and the support in Kalangala will finish in the end of 2010. “In my opinion now is the perfect time to review ICEIDA´s form of support to adult education in Uganda. The government wishes for ICEIDA to increase its support to adult education, through the ministry in the form of sector support, which is in alignment with the government’s new emphasis. The aim of all ICEIDA´s activities is training and capacity development, especially in fishing communities which are among the most marginalised groups in the society.”

Maria Nandango´s Report

ICEIDA Support to Implementation of Uganda FALP in the Island Sub-Counties of Mukono District 2005-2009

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