Mozambique: Iceland and Norway sign trilateral agreement with the government of Mozambique

- Iceland´s first co-financed project in development co-operation


Representatives of the governments of Mozambique, Norway and Iceland renewed an agreement on co-operation in the fisheries sector for the next four years. The agreement involves Iceland’s first co-financed project in development cooperation, but both Norway and Iceland have supported the fisheries sector in Mozambique for quite some time through technical and financial support. Sighvatur Björgvinsson, Director General of ICEIDA, signed the agreement on behalf of Iceland in Maputo.

The three countries join forces in supporting the fisheries sector in Mozambique, contributing 27.7 million USD with Iceland contributing around 16% of the amount. The financing is built on the trilateral agreement signed today and stipulates the co financing of the three countries.

The contribution will be used to strengthen capacity within various fields of fisheries administration, with research, quality assurance, training and resource management. A part of the project is also to improve living standards in fishing villages and supporting small and medium sized enterprises in the fisheries sector.

According to Guðmundur Valur Stefánsson, Project Manager in fisheries, in ICEIDA´s country office in Mozambique, current ICEIDA´s fisheries projects in Mozambique will become a part of the new project. They include quality assurance development in fisheries, development of a surveillance authority, build-up of laboratories, training in the handling of fish products and education in various fishery-related fields.

Press release of the Ministry of Fisheries in Mozambique (Portuguese)