Namibia: An Association of the Deaf established in Namibia with the Icelandic Association as prototype



The Ministry of Education in Namibia has allocated a plot for the new Association of the Deaf and now the housing is being designed and employees hired. The aim is for the employees of the Namibian Association, which has been named Center for Communication and Deaf Studies (CCDS), to visit Iceland next year to receive training at the Icelandic Association of the Deaf.

“It is so pleasant to see how service for the Deaf is rooting and blooming all over the country. Deaf people who have received training have begun teaching others and interpreters have begun interpreting for Deaf students. Attitude within the school system is changing and people are waking up and realising that Deaf people can receive education,” says Valgerður Stefánsdóttir, manager of the Icelandic Association of the Deaf.

CCDS will open in the autumn and it is presumed that the Associations in Iceland and Namibia will continue their cooperation, even though ICEIDA´s Country Office in Namibia will be closing in 2010.