Mozambique: External Evaluation of the cooperation between ICEIDA and the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs



The final report on the external evaluation of ICEIDA´s support to the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs in Mozambique shows that the support has had positive results both in relation to providing the ministry with equipment and with training of ministry staff in various fields.

It is also reported that the passing of the National Plan for Violence against Women is in great part a result of ICEIDA support, which made necessary groundwork possible for the ministry.

ICEIDA has supported the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs from the year 2000 through supporting infrastructure development and operation of the ministry and its offices in four of eleven counties in Mozambique. The report also points out areas in need of improvement and thereby gives ICEIDA staff great tip-off in preparing other similar projects.

The final report and further information on the project can be found here on the homepage.