Namibia: Residency around the new Himba waterholes has tripled



It is believed that the residency of the Himba in vicinity of the new waterholes built by ICEIDA in cooperation with the ethnic group in Namibia tripled during the last dry season. It shows the importance of the waterholes for the pastoralists who often must travel long distances with their herds in search for grazing and water. According to Davíð Bjarnason, ICEIDA´s Project Manager in Namibia serious droughts are striking the region and lie heavily on the locals.

“During the rainy season when water is sufficient, people usually migrate in order to balance the pressure of grazing. Therefore it was tricky to estimate the number of people that typically use the waterholes, but the aim was to give around 4,000 people access to safe water. Now we have confirmed that the residency around the waterholes has increased significantly and virtually tripled,” he says.

ICEIDA has, from 2007, worked on establishing 33 small watersystems with the ownership and guardianship of the Himba. The project’s objective is to build new waterholes and that way give the Himba communities access to safe drinking water for people and their herds.