Malawi: The Icelandic Project can be a Pioneer for other similar Projects, according to the Minister



Sidik Mia, the Minister of water in Malawi believes that the Icelandic water and sanitation project in Mangochi District can be a pioneer for similar projects in other areas in the future. Recently, the minister familiarised himself with the project’s effect on local daily life and talked to ICEIDA staff about the progress. The visit of the minister and his escorts was reported in Malawi’s second biggest newspaper.

In cooperation with the Government of Malawi, ICEIDA manages a water and sanitation project at Lake Malawi in Mangochi District, Nankumba. According to Glúmur Baldvinsson, project manager, the main objective of the project is to improve access to safe water and better sanitary facilities to prevent the break-out of water related diseases like cholera. “Cholera outbreaks have been frequent in the area in recent years with the consequent infections of tens of thousands of inhabitants and hundreds have died,” says Glúmur.

The water system in Mangochi is powered with solar energy, and there are great expectations that such systems in rural Sub-Saharan Africa will be powered that way.

The inhabitants of Nankumba are around 110 thousand and Glúmur says that the aim is for most of them to have access to safe water holes and better sanitary facilities by the end of 2010.