Icelandic ODA to be cut down by 1,700 million Icelandic Krona



According to optimisation propositions of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, total ODA budget will be reduced by 1,666 million Krona next year, which is just over 32% cutback from the budget bill of 2009. Of this amount, ICEIDA´s budget will be reduced by 777 million Krona.

In the press conference, held by Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir Minister for Foreign Affairs, it came clear that previous plans were for Icelandic ODA to become 0,35% of GNI in 2009, but it will go down to 0,24% if the propositions will go through. One of the four embassies to be closed next year is ICIEDA´s country office in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Plans are to be made on closing the office around mid next year, when all project commitments have been carried out.

Propositions on cutback on ICEIDA´s expenditure includes that no new commitments will be made next year. However, all current commitments that already have been signed with the partner countries will be held.