Namibia: Conference on the Fishing Industry and Fish farming in Namibia


A conference was held September 24-26 on the fishing industry and fish farming in Namibia. According to Vilhjálmur Wiium, ICEIDA’s Country Director in Namibia, the purpose of the conference was to review what had already been done and look to the future. “The Namibian government wants to ensure the strongest business environment so that the Namibian people will enjoy the fruits of the country’s natural resources and the conference was believed to be a step in that direction,” says Vilhjálmur.

The Namibian Minister of Fisheries invited its Icelandic counterpart to send a representative to the conference and Sigurgeir Þorgeirsson, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture, gave a speech there. Vilhjálmur Wiium also addressed the conference.  

Icelanders have supported the country’s fishing industry in various ways through ICEIDA since Namibia got its independence eighteen years ago. They have supported marine research, a school for fishermen and various infrastructural developments in the country’s Ministry of Fisheries. The newest support pertains to research on how to apply an ecosystem approach to manage fisheries off the coasts of Namibia, South Africa and Angola. Many Namibians have received school grants from ICEIDA and they have contributed to the fisheries developments in the country.

“People often expressed happiness with Iceland’s contribution and the Icelandic representatives received many thanks for the support,” says Vilhjálmur.